Drone Airdrop System Compatible for EVO II/EVO II Pro Drone Payload Airdrop Release Drop Device Clip Delivery Transport Dropping System for Wedding&Search&Rescue

Drone Airdrop System Compatible for EVO II/EVO II Pro Drone Payload Airdrop Release Drop Device Clip Delivery Transport Dropping System for Wedding&Search&Rescue

Introducing the Drone Airdrop System, a revolutionary accessory designed for Autel Robotics EVO II and EVO II Pro drones. This innovative device allows you to remotely release payloads during flight, making it perfect for various applications such as search and rescue missions, wedding ceremonies, and more.

Crafted from high-quality ABS material, this airdrop system is lightweight and seamlessly integrates with your drone without affecting its flight dynamics. The black color adds a sleek and professional touch to your setup.

With a maximum load capacity of 500g, the Drone Airdrop System is capable of delivering a wide range of items. Whether you need to remotely drop advertising materials, throw bait for fishing, deliver food, or even send wedding rings, this device has got you covered.

Installation and removal are a breeze, thanks to its tailored design that perfectly fits the drone shell. You can easily control the opening and closing of the thrower by utilizing the UAV’s downward view fill light.

Equipped with a built-in 150mAh battery, the Drone Airdrop System offers a quick charging time of just 90 minutes via its Type-C charging interface. Once fully charged, the device provides up to 300 turn on or off cycles. The charging process is indicated by a red light, while a green light indicates a full charge.

The versatility of this airdrop system extends to its compatibility with flight software, allowing for simple operation and control. You can effortlessly manage the release of payloads using the software’s intuitive interface.

Included in the package are the Payload Release Kits, a USB charging cable, a hanging cable, and an iron ring for added convenience. Please note that the drone itself is not included.

Upgrade your Autel Robotics EVO II or EVO II Pro with the Drone Airdrop System and unlock endless possibilities for remote delivery and aerial operations. Experience the freedom and creativity that this device brings to your drone flights. Get yours today and take your drone capabilities to new heights!

Key Technical Specifications

  • ABS
  • for EVO II, EVO II Pro drones
  • Black
  • 1.78oz. (51g)
  • 3.77×3.93×1.88in (9.6x10x4.8cm)
  • 150mAh
  • Type-C
  • 90 Minutes
  • 500g
  • 300
  • Flight software controlled

Note: The ‘red light is always on’ during charging, the ‘green light is always on’ when fully charged, the parabola will flash a few red lights when it is opened for normal use, and then the ‘red light is always on’.

Compatible: Payload Airdrop Release Drop Device designed to fit Autel Robotics EVO II, EVO II Pro drones. Safe without burden, lightweight design and consistent with dynamics, without affecting flight.

Easy to Control: Tailored according to the drone shell, easy to install and remove. Use the opening and closing of the UAV’s downward view fill light to control the opening and closing of the thrower.

Multifunctional: Airdrop System suitable for multiple scenarios. It can be delivered remotely, used for advertising, throwing bait, throwing gifts, delivering food, sending wedding rings, etc.

What you get: 1x Payload Release Kits, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x Hanging Cable, 1x Iron Ring (Note: drone not included).

The Drone Airdrop System Compatible for EVO II/EVO II Pro Drone offers a range of practical applications that set it apart from similar products in the market. Let’s take a look at its competitive advantages and disadvantages compared to other devices in the category.


  • The Drone Airdrop System is compatible with the EVO II and EVO II Pro drones, making it a versatile option for different drone models. This compatibility allows users to make use of their existing drones without the need for additional equipment.
  • Unlike some other airdrop systems, this product features a secure compartment for carrying payloads. Whether it is wedding rings, medical supplies, promotional items, or gifts, the secure compartment ensures that the payload is safely transported without the risk of falling or getting damaged during flight.
  • The Drone Airdrop System is designed for easy installation and control, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced drone operators. The effortless to handle interface and instructions make it hassle-free to set up and operate.
  • With this system, drones can swiftly and safely deliver payloads to remote or inaccessible areas. This makes it an perfect tool for search and rescue operations, where time is critical, and human intervention may be risky or impossible.
  • The ability to use drones for food delivery, advertising, surprise gifts, and more opens up new possibilities for businesses and individuals. It offers a unique and eye-catching approach that can generate buzz, save time, reduce traffic congestion, and minimize carbon emissions.


  • The Drone Airdrop System is specifically designed for the EVO II and EVO II Pro drones, limiting its compatibility with other drone models. Users with different drone models may not be able to utilize this system.
  • While the secure compartment ensures the safety of the payload, the Drone Airdrop System may have limitations on the maximum payload capacity. Users should check the specifications to ensure that their desired payload falls within the system’s capacity.
  • It’s important to note that the use of drones for various applications, including airdrop systems, may be subject to local regulations and restrictions. Users should familiarize themselves with the relevant regulations in their area to ensure compliance.

Despite these limitations, the Drone Airdrop System Compatible for EVO II/EVO II Pro Drone offers a range of advantages that make it a competitive choice in the market. Its versatility, secure compartment, ease of installation and control, swift and safe delivery capabilities, and innovative applications set it apart from similar products. Whether it’s for surprise wedding deliveries, search and rescue operations, efficient advertising, reinvented food delivery, or creating memorable moments with gifts and surprises, this system opens up a world of possibilities.


  • Versatile compatibility with EVO II and EVO II Pro drones
  • Secure compartment for safe payload transport
  • Easy installation and control for beginners and experienced operators
  • Swift and safe delivery to remote or inaccessible areas
  • Efficient and innovative applications in various industries


  • Limitation in compatibility with other drone models
  • Potential limitations on maximum payload capacity
  • Regulatory considerations for drone usage

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