Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera – 2024 Upgradded RC Quadcopter for Adults and Kids, WiFi FPV RC Drone for Beginners Live Video HD Wide Angle RC Aircraft, Trajectory Flight, Auto Hover, 2 Batteries ,Carrying Case.

Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera – 2024 Upgradded RC Quadcopter for Adults and Kids, WiFi FPV RC Drone for Beginners Live Video HD Wide Angle RC Aircraft, Trajectory Flight, Auto Hover, 2 Batteries ,Carrying Case.

Introducing the GANPOS Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera – the ideal companion for both adults and kids who want to experience the thrill of flying. This upgraded RC quadcopter is packed with amazing features that will take your aerial adventures to new heights.

Equipped with dual cameras, including an HD front camera and a bottom optical flow camera, this drone allows you to capture stunning real-time images from the sky and get a clear view of the terrain below. The cameras are switchable, giving you the flexibility to choose the perspective that suits your needs.

With a 140° wide-angle lens and a 90° adjustable camera, you can capture breathtaking aerial shots and record high-definition videos from a birds-eye perspective. The drone also supports WiFi transmission, allowing you to connect it to your phone and enjoy real-time video streaming through the app.

Thanks to its advanced altitude hold technology, this drone can maintain a stable hover at a specific height, making it easier for beginners to control. It also features trajectory flight, which enables you to draw a path on your phone and have the drone follow it automatically.

The package includes two 1800mAh batteries, ensuring that you can enjoy extended flight time of up to 22 minutes. To protect your investment, a carrying case is provided for easy transportation during outdoor travels. Additionally, the package includes controller batteries, propeller guard, and spare fan blades, making this drone stand out in its class.

Rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority. In case of any issues during your usage, our dedicated customer support team is just a message away. We offer a free return/exchange policy for one year to protect your customer rights.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own this incredible drone. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned flyer, the GANPOS Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera will take your aerial photography and videography skills to new heights. Get ready to experience the thrill of flying like never before.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: GANPOS
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Item Weight: 200 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 8″L x 6″W x 2.4″H
  • Batteries: 2 Batteries (1800mAh)
  • Accessories: Carrying case, Controller batteries, Propeller guard, Spare fan blades
  • Camera: Dual HD Cameras (1080P)
  • Optical Flow Positioning: Yes
  • Altitude Hold: Yes
  • Wide-Angle Lens: 140°
  • WIFI Transmission: Yes
  • Functionality: Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, 3-level flight speed, LED Light, Headless Mode, One Key Automatic Return, Altitude Hold Mode, WIFI FPV
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes (100%)
  • Return/Exchange Policy: Free return/exchange for one year

When it comes to drones with high-quality cameras, the Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera stands out from its competitors in several aspects. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to similar products in the category.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Enhanced Visuals: The dual HD cameras of the Drone deliver stunning aerial shots and videos, allowing users to capture breathtaking images from unique perspectives. This sets it apart from other drones in terms of image quality and creative expression.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: With its wide-angle lens, the Drone offers a comprehensive view of the surroundings, making it an excellent choice for real estate marketing and event coverage. Potential buyers or viewers can appreciate the location and overall appeal of properties or events.
  • WiFi FPV Feature: The Drone’s WiFi FPV (First Person View) capability enables real-time video streaming, providing a live feed that can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. This feature is particularly useful in search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, and inspections, where remote monitoring is important.
  • Trajectory Flight and Auto Hover: These advanced features allow the Drone to navigate difficult terrain and maintain stable footage, even in challenging conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, and event coverage.
  • Durable Carrying Case: The inclusion of a carrying case ensures convenient transportation and protection for the Drone and its accessories. That’s a valuable advantage for users who frequently travel with their drone.

Competitive Disadvantages:

  • Battery Life: While the Drone comes with two batteries, it would be beneficial if the battery life was longer. This would allow users to extend their flight time without the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Advanced Flight Modes: Although the Drone offers trajectory flight and auto hover features, it would be advantageous if it included additional advanced flight modes, such as follow-me mode or waypoint navigation. These features could further enhance the drone’s versatility and functionality.

In summary, the Drone with 1080P Dual HD Camera stands out in the market due to its superior image quality, wide-angle lens, WiFi FPV feature, trajectory flight capability, and durable carrying case. While it could benefit from longer battery life and additional advanced flight modes, its competitive advantages make it a versatile tool for various applications across industries and recreational activities.


  • Stunning aerial shots and videos with dual HD cameras
  • Comprehensive view of surroundings with wide-angle lens
  • Real-time video streaming with WiFi FPV feature
  • Navigate difficult terrain and maintain stable footage with trajectory flight and auto hover
  • Convenient transportation and protection with durable carrying case


  • Short battery life, despite including two batteries
  • Lacks additional advanced flight modes for enhanced versatility

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