HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults 4k Hd Auto Return Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance One-Touch Take-Off And Landing Beauty Shot Dron (Black)

HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults 4k Hd Auto Return Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance One-Touch Take-Off And Landing Beauty Shot Dron (Black)

Introducing the HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults 4k HD! Elevate your aerial photography and video skills to new heights with this sleek and powerful drone. Designed for both beginners and experienced pilots, this drone offers an array of features that will make your flying experience a breeze.

With its impressive 4k HD dual camera, the HK138 provides a wider and more immersive view. Capture breathtaking moments from a bird’s eye perspective and enjoy stunning 1080p HD pictures and videos through the dedicated app on your phone or iPad. Immerse yourself in real-time panoramic views and share your adventures with friends and family.

Ease of operation is at the heart of this drone’s design. The headless mode, auto takeoff, altitude hold, auto cruise, and optical flow positioning functions make it ideal for newbies looking to embark on their drone piloting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, becoming a drone pilot has never been easier.

But this is not all! The HK138 also features voice control and gesture selfie capabilities. Simply give voice prompts like “take off” or “landing” to effortlessly control the drone. Want to capture the perfect selfie? Just make a V gesture or hold your palm in front of the camera, and the drone will automatically take photos or record videos. It’s perfect for capturing those special moments with friends and loved ones.

Safety is paramount, and the HK138 comes equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance technology. It can automatically identify obstacles in its path and navigate around them, ensuring a safe and worry-free flight experience.

Should you encounter any issues with the product, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you. We strive to provide a satisfactory answer to any concerns you may have.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the thrill of flying and unleash your creativity with the HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults 4k HD. Capture stunning aerial shots, explore new perspectives, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • HD Camera 1080p HD dual camera
  • Provides a wider and amazing view
  • Captures 1080p HD pictures and videos
  • Connects phone/iPad to the remote drone with camera
  • Enjoy real-time panoramic views via APP
  • Headless mode, auto takeoff, altitude hold, auto cruise, optical flow positioning
  • Control the drone with simple voice prompts
  • Take photos or videos with V gesture or palm in front of the camera
  • Automatically identifies and avoids obstacles
  • HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults 4k Hd
  • Supports auto return function
  • Easily take off and land the drone with one touch
  • Features beauty shot mode for enhanced photos
  • Black

Warm Reminder: Dear users; if you encounter any problems with the product, you can contact us for a satisfactory answer.

When it comes to drones with camera for adults, the HK138 stands out from the competition with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. Let’s compare it to similar products in the market to see how it outshines the rest.

One of the key advantages of the HK138 drone is its HD Camera 1080p dual camera, which allows for breathtaking aerial photography and videography. While other drones may offer cameras with lower resolutions, the HK138’s high-definition capabilities ensure that every shot is crisp and clear. This gives users the ability to capture stunning moments from above, providing a wider and more amazing view compared to its competitors.

Another area where the HK138 drone excels is in real estate marketing. While other drones may offer basic aerial footage capabilities, the HK138 takes it a step further by enabling users to create immersive virtual tours. This feature allows potential buyers to experience properties from a whole new angle, enhancing their understanding and interest in the listing. This competitive advantage can give real estate agents an edge in showcasing properties in a captivating manner.

When it comes to outdoor adventure documentation, the HK138 drone offers exceptional performance. While other drones may struggle to capture dynamic footage from above, the HK138 can effortlessly follow movements and record thrilling outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, this drone ensures that every adrenaline-filled experience is preserved in high-quality footage. Its ability to share these experiences with friends and family makes it a standout choice for adventurers.

Event coverage is another area where the HK138 drone shines. While traditional cameras may be limited in capturing unique perspectives, this drone can provide aerial shots that take events to new heights. Whether it is a wedding, concert, or sports event, the HK138’s stunning visuals impress audiences and provide a comprehensive view of the event. This competitive advantage makes it a valuable tool for event organizers and photographers.

When it comes to wildlife observation, the HK138 drone’s capabilities surpass those of its competitors. Its auto cruise and optical flow positioning capabilities allow users to effortlessly navigate through natural landscapes without disturbing wildlife habitats. This drone discovers new opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and researchers, providing a valuable asset in observing wildlife in their natural habitat.

In search and rescue operations, the HK138 drone proves to be a game-changer. Unlike other drones that may lack obstacle avoidance features, the HK138’s advanced technology enables rescue teams to navigate challenging terrains and locate missing individuals faster. Its real-time panoramic views via the app provide vital aerial support during critical moments, making it an invaluable asset in emergency situations.

Lastly, the HK138 drone’s potential as an educational tool sets it apart from other similar products. While some drones may focus solely on their photography and videography capabilities, this drone introduces students to the world of robotics, engineering, and aerial technology. Its hands-on experience allows students to learn about flight dynamics, photography, and problem-solving, preparing them for the future.

In conclusion, the HK138 Drones With Camera For Adults stands out from similar products in its category due to its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. From its high-definition dual camera to its immersive virtual tour capabilities, this sleek black drone offers users a world of possibilities. Whether it’s capturing stunning visuals or aiding in critical operations, the HK138 empowers users to explore new perspectives and push boundaries.


  • Advanced features and cutting-edge technology
  • High-definition dual camera for crisp and clear aerial photography
  • Ability to create immersive virtual tours for real estate marketing
  • Exceptional performance in capturing dynamic outdoor adventure footage
  • Aerial shots that provide unique perspectives for event coverage
  • Capability to navigate natural landscapes for wildlife observation without disturbing habitats
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance features for search and rescue operations
  • Potential as an educational tool for learning about robotics, engineering, and aerial technology


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