HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera, Pocket-Sized Drone HDR Video Capture, Palm Takeoff, Intelligent Flight Paths, Follow-Me Mode, Foldable Action Camera with Hands-Free Control White (Combo)

HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera, Pocket-Sized Drone HDR Video Capture, Palm Takeoff, Intelligent Flight Paths, Follow-Me Mode, Foldable Action Camera with Hands-Free Control White (Combo)

Introducing the HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera, the pocket-sized drone that takes your photography and videography to new heights. With its innovative features and sleek design, this drone is ideal for adventurers, vloggers, and anyone who wants to capture stunning moments from above.

The HOVERAir X1 features Visual Inertial Odometry Technology, which allows for precise and stable flight. Whether you’re capturing fast-paced action or serene landscapes, this drone ensures clear and smooth footage every time. It also boasts Triple Stabilization, further enhancing the quality of your videos.

One of the standout features of the HOVERAir X1 is its intelligent flight paths. With pre-programmed modes such as Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, Bird’s Eye, and more, you can effortlessly fly this drone hands-free. It even has customizable settings to suit your specific needs.

Tracking and following subjects has never been easier with the advanced tracking algorithms of the HOVERAir X1. It can keep up with speeds of up to 20mph, making it ideal for capturing action-packed sports like cycling. You’ll never miss a moment with this drone by your side.

Capture breathtaking images and HDR videos with the HOVERAir X1’s impressive shooting capabilities. It supports up to 2.7K@30fps video shooting and delivers stunning results. The triple stabilization system ensures smooth and professional-looking footage, even during fast-paced movements.

Controlling the HOVERAir X1 is a breeze thanks to its simple to operate design. With a simple click, it takes off from the palm of your hand, making it accessible to everyone. Its foldable frame makes it incredibly portable, so you can take it with you wherever your adventures lead.

For real-time monitoring and manual control, simply connect the HOVERAir X1 to the companion Hover X1 App. Preview your footage in real-time and optimize your flying path to capture the ideal shot. After your flight, easily download and share your photos and videos on your favorite social media platforms.

Safety is a top priority with the HOVERAir X1. Its fully enclosed design and safety guards provide an extra layer of protection for both the drone and its surroundings. This ensures worry-free flying and makes it suitable for both adults and children.

Experience the future of aerial photography with the HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera. Its compact size, intelligent features, and stunning image quality make it a must-have for any adventure enthusiast. Soar to new heights and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Technical Specifications:

Brand: HOVERAir

Model Name: Hover X1 flymore wt

Special Feature: Visual Inertial Odometry Technology, Triple Stabilization, Intelligent Flight Paths, Enclosed & Foldable Frame

Age Range (Description): Adult

Color: White

Video Capture Resolution: 2.7K

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Included Components: Storage Bag X1, Battery X1, HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera (with battery) X1, Battery Charging Hub X1, USB Cable X1

Item Weight: 125 Grams

Battery Capacity: 2100 Milliamp Hours

3-Second Palm Take-off: Operating the HOVERAir X1 self-flying camera is simple and easy to use. It takes off from your palm with one click, making it easy for everyone.

Portability and Simplicity Redefined: The HOVERAir X1 is the ultimate portable action camera. Weighing just 125g(4.41oz), it is lighter than an iPhone and without the need for FAA registration. Its foldable design ensures that adventure is just a fold away.

Automatic and Intelligent Flight Paths: Experience hands-free flying with HOVERAir X1’s pre-programmed flight paths, including Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit, Bird’s Eye, and more. It has a myriad of settings to customize each flight mode to perfectly meet your needs.

Advanced Tracking and Following: Featuring precise tracking algorithms and following speed of up to 20mph, HOVERAir action camera effortlessly keeps up with you, capturing spectacular moments, making it ideal for cycling and other sports.

Amazing Image & HDR Video Shooting: This camera drone supports a maximum of 2.7K@30fps and 1080P HDR video shooting. The triple stabilization system ensures smooth video effects and excellent fast motion capturing capability, easily records beautiful moments during hikes or journeys.

Real-time Monitoring and Manual Control: Through the companion Hover X1 App, you can preview the footage from the drone’s camera in real-time. You can also manually control the drone to optimize the flying path and capture the perfect shot.

Ideal for Sharing: Download your photos and videos via the Hover X1 App after your flight. With a simple click, instantly share your memorable moments with friends and family on your favorite social media platforms. HOVERAir X1 is a ideal ally for vloggers, hikers, bikers, and other adventurers.

Fully Enclosed with Safety Guards: Enjoy worry-free flying with our drone’s fully enclosed design. Equipped with safety guards, it provides an extra layer of protection for both the drone and its surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of close-range shooting while ensuring safety for both adults and children.

The HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera is a versatile and feature-packed pocket-sized drone that offers a range of benefits for adventure photography and vlogging. Let’s compare it to similar products in the market to see how it stands out:

DJI Mavic Mini

The DJI Mavic Mini is another compact drone that is popular among adventure photographers and vloggers. However, when compared to the HOVERAir X1, it lacks some of the advanced features. The Mavic Mini does not have intelligent flight paths like hover, follow, orbit, or bird’s eye view, limiting the creative possibilities for filmmakers. Additionally, the tracking and following feature of the HOVERAir X1 is more precise and can keep up with fast-moving subjects at a higher speed of up to 20mph, making it a better choice for capturing action sports footage.

GoPro Karma

The GoPro Karma is a foldable drone that offers high-quality video capture, similar to the HOVERAir X1. However, the Karma lacks the self-flying capabilities and intelligent flight paths found in the HOVERAir X1. This means that users have to manually control the drone to capture dynamic shots, which can be challenging and limit the creative potential for filmmakers and adventure photographers. The HOVERAir X1’s automatic flight paths make it easier to achieve cinematic shots without the need for manual control.

Parrot Anafi

The Parrot Anafi is another lightweight and compact drone that competes in the same category as the HOVERAir X1. While both drones offer similar features such as high-quality video capture and portability, the HOVERAir X1 has an advantage with its palm takeoff feature. This makes it incredibly easy for users, including children, to operate the drone with just one click. This feature makes the HOVERAir X1 a great tool for safe and enjoyable family bonding activities, setting it apart from the Parrot Anafi.

Ryze Tello

The Ryze Tello is a budget-friendly drone that targets beginners and casual drone users. While it may be an option for those looking for an affordable entry-level drone, it lacks the advanced features and capabilities of the HOVERAir X1. The Tello does not offer intelligent flight paths, and its video capture capabilities are not as advanced as the HOVERAir X1’s HDR video shooting. For adventure photography, vlogging, and creative filmmaking, the HOVERAir X1 provides a more professional and capable solution.

To wrap it up, the HOVERAir X1 Self-Flying Camera stands out in its category due to its advanced features such as intelligent flight paths, precise tracking and following, and HDR video shooting capabilities. It offers a unique combination of portability, ease of use, and professional-quality footage, making it an excellent choice for adventure photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and even family bonding activities.


  • Versatile and feature-packed pocket-sized drone
  • Advanced intelligent flight paths for creative possibilities
  • Precise tracking and following feature for capturing fast-moving subjects
  • High-quality video capture
  • Foldable design for portability
  • Hands-free control for ease of use
  • HDR video shooting capabilities
  • Palm takeoff feature for easy operation


  • Lacks some advanced features compared to other similar products
  • Manual control required for dynamic shots
  • May be more expensive compared to budget-friendly options

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