Mini Drone For Kids, Rc Drone With With One Key Take Off-Landing, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 360° Flip, LED Light Quadcopter, Propeller Full Protect, Small Helicopter Plane Easy To Fly Kids Gifts Toys

Mini Drone For Kids, Rc Drone With With One Key Take Off-Landing, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 360° Flip, LED Light Quadcopter, Propeller Full Protect, Small Helicopter Plane Easy To Fly Kids Gifts Toys

Introducing our Mini Drone for Kids, a perfect gift option that combines fun and functionality. This portable drone is designed with cool neon LED lights, making it an eye-catching toy for kids.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we have included a CPSIA warning for choking hazards. Please note that this drone is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

One of the standout features of this mini drone is the Headless Mode, which eliminates the need to worry about the drone’s orientation. With this mode, the operator can easily steer the drone based on their own orientation, making it perfect for beginners and children.

The Altitude Hold feature ensures stability in the air, thanks to the barometer-based altitude set. This allows even beginners to operate the drone more clearly and confidently.

Taking off and landing the mini drone is effortless with the One Button Takeoff/Landing feature. This simple operation makes it easy for children and beginners to master in no time.

The mini drone offers adjustable speed settings (low/medium/high), allowing you to customize the flying experience according to your proficiency level. You can also have fun racing the drone with your kids or friends.

Get ready to impress with the 3D Flips function. Perform amazing tricks and flips that will leave your kids amazed. Even your pets will enjoy watching these aerial stunts!

Pairing the drone with the controller is a breeze. Just make sure both are fully charged, place the drone on a flat surface, and follow a few simple steps outlined in the instructions. Once paired, you are ready to take off and start flying.

With a compact size of 5.12*5.12*1.2 inches, this mini drone is highly portable and can be taken anywhere you go. It fits easily in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for parties, outdoor adventures, and more.

Built with high-quality ABS materials, this mini drone offers durability and protection for both the propeller and motor. It can withstand multiple collisions or falls, ensuring a longer service life.

The mini drone comes with two rechargeable modular batteries, extending the flight time and providing more entertainment for your kids.

Experience the joy of flying with our Mini Drone for Kids. It’s not just a toy; it is an opportunity for kids to develop a love for flying and spend more time outdoors. It also makes for a great gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Please note that when using multiple mini drones concurrently, it is important to power on and pair each drone and remote control separately to avoid frequency confusion.

Get ready to soar in the sky and create unforgettable memories with our Mini Drone for Kids!

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Cool LED lights in blue and green
  • 6-8 minutes
  • 50 minutes
  • 98-165 feet
  • 3.7V 450mAh LiPo battery (built-in)
  • 3*AAA batteries (not included)
  • Headless mode for easy orientation
  • Altitude hold for stable flight
  • One button takeoff/landing
  • Adjustable flight speeds
  • 360° flips and stunts
  • High-quality ABS materials for durability
  • Propeller full protect design
  • 5.12*5.12*1.2 inches

The Mini Drone for Kids is a versatile and exciting product that offers a range of features and benefits for children of all ages. Let’s compare it to similar products in the category to see how it stands out.

Competitive Advantages

1. Compact and Easy-to-Fly Design: Unlike larger drones, this mini drone is specifically designed for kids, making it easier to handle and control. Its compact size allows for easy transportation and storage.

2. One Key Take Off-Landing: The one-button takeoff and landing feature makes it simple for children to operate the drone without any previous experience or technical knowledge.

3. Altitude Hold: The altitude hold feature enables the drone to hover at different heights, providing a realistic training experience for various sports and allowing kids to practice their agility and hand-eye coordination.

4. Headless Mode: The headless mode feature eliminates the need to adjust the drone’s position before flying, making it easier for kids to navigate through obstacles during treasure hunts or outdoor activities.

5. 360° Flip and LED Lights: The ability to perform impressive 360° flips and stunts adds an extra element of excitement and entertainment to family bonding time. The LED lights also guide kids on treasure hunts or provide a visually stunning experience during night flights.

6. STEM Learning: With its hands-on flying experience, the Mini Drone for Kids offers a unique opportunity for children to explore the principles of flight, aerodynamics, and STEM concepts. This educational aspect sets it apart from other toys in the category.

Competitive Disadvantages

1. Camera Not Included: Unlike some other drones on the market, the Mini Drone for Kids does not come with a built-in camera. However, it can be easily modified to attach a small camera for creative photography and videography.

2. Limited Flight Range: Due to its compact size and design, this drone may have a limited flight range compared to larger models. It’s best suited for outdoor activities in close proximity.

3. Indoor Flying Limitations: While the propeller full protect design ensures safe indoor flying, the Mini Drone for Kids may still have limitations when it comes to maneuvering in small indoor spaces.

In conclusion, the Mini Drone for Kids offers a range of unique features and advantages that set it apart from other products in the category. Its compact and easy-to-fly design, along with its various features like altitude hold, headless mode, and LED lights, make it an perfect choice for fun and educational outdoor activities, sports training, STEM learning adventures, family bonding time, creative photography, and safe indoor flying. Although it does not come with a built-in camera and has some limitations in terms of flight range and indoor maneuverability, its overall versatility and durability make it a great choice for kids of all ages.


  • Compact and easy-to-fly design
  • One-key takeoff and landing
  • Altitude hold for realistic training experience
  • Headless mode for easier navigation
  • 360° flips and LED lights for added excitement
  • STEM learning opportunities


  • No built-in camera
  • Limited flight range
  • Indoor flying limitations

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