Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone With 4K EIS Camera, Under 249g, 31 Mins Flight, 4KM FPV Transmission, Max Speed 16m/s, Auto Return, Lightweight and Foldable Drone for Adult

Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone With 4K EIS Camera, Under 249g, 31 Mins Flight, 4KM FPV Transmission, Max Speed 16m/s, Auto Return, Lightweight and Foldable Drone for Adult

Introducing the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone, the ideal companion for drone enthusiasts of all skill levels. This lightweight and foldable drone is designed for adults, kids, and beginners, making it a versatile option for all ages.

Equipped with a powerful 4K EIS camera, the drone captures stunning photos and videos with ease. The exclusive ShakeVanish technology ensures stable and smooth images, allowing you to capture every moment in high definition. With a 31-minute flight time and a control range of up to 4km, the ATOM SE allows for extended exploration and breathtaking aerial shots.

Featuring the SurgeFly flight control system, this drone offers three flight modes – Video, Normal, and Sport – giving you the flexibility to challenge your piloting skills. The fold-up design makes it incredibly portable, fitting snugly in your jacket pocket for on-the-go adventures.

Safety is a top priority with the ATOM SE. The built-in brushless motor ensures a stable flight experience, while the auto return feature brings the drone back to its take-off point when it’s lost signal or running low on power. Additionally, the lightweight design of under 249g eliminates the need for FAA registration.

Stay connected with the 4KM FPV transmission capability, allowing you to view real-time footage from the drone’s camera on your smartphone. The PixSync 2.0 technology guarantees stable video in most shooting conditions, providing an immersive flying experience.

The ATOM SE is compatible with iOS 11 and Android 7.0 or above, and comes with three types of adapter cables (Micro/Type C/Lightning) for easy connectivity between your phone and the remote control.

Overall, the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone is a feature-packed and user-friendly drone that delivers impressive performance and stunning visuals. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pilot, this drone is sure to take your aerial photography and videography to new heights.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Potensic
  • Foldable Drone
  • Adult
  • Grey
  • 4K
  • Wi-Fi
  • Beginner
  • 8.64 Ounces
  • 31 Minutes
  • 4KM
  • 16m/s
  • 4K EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
  • Auto Return

If you’re in the market for a high-quality drone that combines advanced features with a lightweight and portable design, look no further than the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone. This incredible device offers a range of advantages that set it apart from similar products in its category.

Advantages of the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone

1. 4K EIS Camera: The Potensic ATOM SE comes equipped with a 4K EIS camera, allowing you to capture breathtaking aerial shots and cinematic videos with stunning clarity and stability. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a travel vlogger, this camera will take your content to new heights.

2. Lightweight and Foldable Design: Weighing under 249g, the Potensic ATOM SE is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. Its foldable design adds to its portability, making it the ideal companion for outdoor adventures and travel. You can easily fit it into your backpack without adding any extra bulk.

3. 31 Minutes Flight Time: With a flight time of up to 31 minutes, the Potensic ATOM SE allows you to enjoy longer flights and capture more footage without having to worry about battery life. This extended flight time sets it apart from many other drones in its class.

4. 4KM FPV Transmission: The Potensic ATOM SE offers an impressive 4KM FPV transmission range, allowing you to fly your drone at high speeds of up to 16m/s while enjoying real-time, first-person view flight. This feature adds an element of excitement and thrill to every flight.

5. Auto Return: With the auto return feature, you can explore remote locations and hidden gems without the fear of losing your drone. The GPS capabilities ensure that your device will always find its way back to you, giving you peace of mind during your adventures.

6. Beginner-Friendly: The Potensic ATOM SE is designed to be effortless to handle, even for beginners. Its intuitive interface and beginner-friendly features make it easy for anyone to learn how to fly a drone. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting out, this drone will help you push your limits and embrace the thrill of flying.

Disadvantages of the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone

1. Limited Payload Capacity: Due to its lightweight design, the Potensic ATOM SE has a limited payload capacity. If you’re looking to attach additional accessories or carry heavy equipment, this drone may not be the best option for you.

2. Limited Range: While the 4KM FPV transmission range is impressive, it may not be sufficient for those who require an even longer range for their aerial photography or videography needs. If you need to cover larger distances, you may want to ponder a drone with a longer range.

3. Advanced Features: While the Potensic ATOM SE offers advanced features, such as GPS capabilities and auto return, it may not have all the advanced features that professional drone pilots require. If you’re a professional photographer or filmmaker, you may want to ponder a higher-end drone with more advanced features.

Overall, the Potensic ATOM SE GPS Drone offers a range of advantages that make it stand out in its category. Its 4K EIS camera, lightweight design, and beginner-friendly features set it apart from similar products. While it may have some limitations, its competitive advantages make it a great choice for photography enthusiasts, travel vloggers, and outdoor adventurers.


  • Stunning 4K EIS camera for capturing breathtaking aerial shots and cinematic videos
  • Lightweight and foldable design for easy portability and travel
  • Long flight time of up to 31 minutes, allowing for extended flights and more footage
  • Impressive 4KM FPV transmission range for high-speed, real-time first-person view flight
  • Auto return feature with GPS capabilities for peace of mind during remote exploration
  • Uncomplicated to manage design and beginner-friendly features for easy learning and flying


  • Limited payload capacity, not suitable for attaching additional accessories or heavy equipment
  • May have a limited range for those requiring even longer distances for photography or videography needs
  • May not have all the advanced features that professional drone pilots require

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