SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor, Altitude Hold, 3D Flip, Custom Route, One Key Backward

SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera for Adults Kids, WiFi Live Video FPV Drones RC Quadcopters for Beginners, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor, Altitude Hold, 3D Flip, Custom Route, One Key Backward

Introducing the SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera, a cutting-edge device designed for both adults and kids. This WiFi-enabled drone allows you to experience the thrill of flying and capture breathtaking aerial shots like never before.

Equipped with a built-in 1080P HD camera, you can adjust the angle by up to 90° to capture stunning footage from various perspectives. The FPV Real-Time transmission feature enables you to see a live feed from the drone’s camera directly on your smartphone or tablet via the app. Plus, all your recorded videos are automatically saved to the Micro SD card for easy editing and sharing on social media platforms.

But this drone isn’t just about capturing amazing visuals. It’s packed with multifunctional features that add excitement to your flying experience. Perform impressive 360° flips and rolls, or use circle fly mode to create mesmerizing flight patterns. With the ability to define an exact flying route on the app map, you can take your creativity to new heights.

Controlling the drone is a breeze thanks to its intelligent design. Use the Gravity Sensor feature to fly the drone by simply moving your smartphone up or down. The Auto Hovering mode ensures a steady hover in the air at a specific altitude, making it easier to focus on capturing great aerial pictures and videos. And when the drone is out of sight, the headless mode comes in handy for easy control.

Safety is a top priority with the SANROCK U52 Drone. It features protective propeller guards to prevent accidents during flight. The high-quality ABS material offers durability and protection against sudden shocks or drops. The drone also comes with an intelligent alert system, warning you when the battery is low or when it exceeds a distance of 100 meters, ensuring a safe and worry-free flying experience.

With its easy to use design, even beginners can enjoy flying this drone. The “One Key Start/Landing” button allows for effortless take-off and landing. There are two speed options to choose from – low speed for kids and beginners, and high speed for more experienced users. The “One Key Return” function brings the drone back to you in emergency situations, preventing it from getting lost.

The SANROCK U52 Drone offers a long flying time, with each battery providing approximately 10-13 minutes of flight. Replacing the battery is a breeze, and you can also purchase additional batteries separately for extended flying sessions.

Experience the thrill of flying and capture stunning aerial footage with the SANROCK U52 Drone. It’s the best offering for beginners and drone enthusiasts alike. Order yours today and take your flying adventures to new heights!

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in Camera: 1080P HD camera with 90° adjustable angle
  • FPV Transmission: Real-time first-person-view on the App
  • Video Storage: Automatic saving of video clips to Micro SD card
  • Video Editing: Ability to edit HD footage on iPhone or iPad
  • Social Media Integration: Direct upload of edited videos to social media
  • Flight Functions: 360° flips and rolls, circle fly
  • Flying Route: Define exact flying route on the App map
  • Gravity Sensor Control: Fly the drone by moving smartphone up or down
  • Auto Hovering: Ensures steady hover at a certain altitude
  • Headless Mode: Easier control when drone is out of sight
  • Transmitter Alarm: Low battery and distance exceeding warning alarms
  • One Key Start/Landing: Drone takes off or lands automatically
  • Speed Modes: Low speed for kids and beginners, high speed for adults and professionals
  • One Key Return: Emergency return button to retrieve the drone
  • Propeller Guards: Protective guards for safe flight
  • Material: High-quality ABS material for shock resistance
  • Flying Time: Approximately 10-13 minutes per battery
  • Battery Replacement: Easy to replace and charge battery

When it comes to drones with advanced features and capabilities, the SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera stands out among its competitors. Let’s take a look at how it compares to similar products in the category.

Competitive Advantages

The SANROCK U52 Drone offers several key advantages that set it apart from other drones in the market:

  • 1080P HD Camera: The U52 Drone comes with a high-quality 1080P HD camera, allowing users to capture stunning aerial footage with exceptional clarity.
  • FPV Transmission: With its FPV transmission feature, the drone provides a real-time first-person view experience through the dedicated app, giving users an immersive exploration experience.
  • Gesture Control: The U52 Drone’s gesture control feature enables users to navigate and control the drone using hand gestures, providing unique interaction opportunities.
  • Custom Route: Users can define an exact flying route on the app map, allowing for efficient and precise navigation of the drone.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: The U52 Drone is beginner-friendly, making it suitable for both adults and kids. Its intuitive controls ensure a smooth flying experience.

Competitive Disadvantages

While the SANROCK U52 Drone has many advantages, there are a few areas where it may have some limitations compared to similar products:

  • Battery Life: The U52 Drone’s battery life may be shorter compared to some other drones on the market. It’s important to consider this when planning longer flights or capturing extensive footage.
  • Flight Range: The U52 Drone’s flight range may be more limited compared to some higher-end drones. Users should be mindful of this when planning to fly in larger areas.
  • Advanced Camera Features: While the U52 Drone’s camera offers high-quality footage, it may lack some advanced features found in professional-grade drones, such as adjustable aperture or higher frame rate options.

Despite these limitations, the SANROCK U52 Drone with 1080P HD Camera remains a competitive choice in its category, offering a versatile platform for various applications. Its user-friendly features, advanced controls, and high-quality camera make it a powerful tool for both recreational and professional use.


  • Exceptional clarity with the high-quality 1080P HD camera
  • Real-time first-person view experience through FPV transmission
  • Unique interaction opportunities with gesture control feature
  • Efficient and precise navigation with custom route feature
  • Beginner-friendly and intuitive controls for a smooth flying experience


  • Shorter battery life compared to some other drones
  • More limited flight range than some higher-end drones
  • Lacks advanced camera features found in professional-grade drones

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