TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera for Kids Adults 1080P, FPV Kids Drone with Battle Mode Throw to Go, Small RC Quadcopter Gravity Mode, 3D Flip, Self Spin, Circle Fly, One Key Start 3 Battery 24 Mins

TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera for Kids Adults 1080P, FPV Kids Drone with Battle Mode Throw to Go, Small RC Quadcopter Gravity Mode, 3D Flip, Self Spin, Circle Fly, One Key Start 3 Battery 24 Mins

Introducing the TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera, a must-have for both kids and adults! This compact and lightweight drone is packed with amazing features that will surely bring endless fun and excitement.

The A24W drone is perfect for beginners, thanks to its easy-to-use controls and one-key calibration. With just a press of a button, this drone will sync with the remote and be ready to take off in no time. It also features altitude hold, ensuring a stable and smooth flight experience.

But that is not all! The A24W is equipped with a 1080P camera, allowing you to capture stunning aerial photos and videos. You can even view the images in real-time through the app using the 2.4G WIFI connectivity. And for more fun, you can use the Gravity sensing and Trajectory Flight features on the app.

Get ready to perform incredible stunts with the A24W drone! It offers various fly tricks such as Gravity Mode, Track Fly, 3D flips, circle fly, high-speed self-spin, and 3 fly speeds. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled player, this drone will provide you with endless joy and excitement.

Take the fun to the next level with the Battle Mode feature. The A24W drone can combat with other drones using safe infrared technology. Watch as the attacked drone shakes and slowly lands, creating an exciting indoor drone contest.

Safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to kids. That’s why the A24W drone is designed with a sturdy full blade cover to protect both the drone and your little ones from harm. It also has a one-key emergency stop feature for any unexpected situations.

With three batteries included, you can enjoy a total of 24 minutes of flight time. The modular battery design makes it easy to insert and remove, ensuring uninterrupted fun. Plus, the remote control is specially designed for kids’ small hands, making it the suitable for gifting kids and beginners.

Rest assured that TOMZON has got you covered. This drone comes with a one-year warranty and 24/7 online help, providing you with customized usage tips and support. So why wait? Experience the thrill of flying with the TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera today!

Key Technical Specifications of TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera for Kids Adults 1080P

  • Brand: TOMZON
  • Model Name: A24W
  • Special Feature: Circle Fly, 360 Degree Flip, Self Rotation, 1080P Camera, Battle Mode
  • Color: Black
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Item Weight: 33 Grams
  • Control Type: Remote Control
  • Media Type: SD Card
  • Entry Level Mini Drone:
    • Auto sync with remote control upon power on
    • One key calibrate
    • Choose to toss upward or press key to take off
    • Altitude hold for stable flight
    • Great for kids or all-age beginners
  • 1080P Camera for Kids:
    • Capture great moments with family and friends
    • Real-time image viewing via the app
    • Gravity sensing and Trajectory Flight on APP
  • Multifunctional Mini Drone:
    • Various fly tricks like Gravity Mode, Track Fly, 3D flips, circle fly, high speed self spin, and 3 fly speeds
    • Fun for beginners and skilled players
  • Super Battle Mode:
    • Combat with other drones
    • Infrared shooting simulation
    • Forced landing of attacked drones
  • Sturdy and Safe Design:
    • One key emergency stop
    • Full blade cover for protection
    • Impact resistant and drop resistant
    • 3 batteries for 24 minutes of flight time
    • Modular battery for easy insertion and removal
  • Kid-Friendly Remote Control:
    • Designed for small hands
    • Specific buttons for each function
  • TOMZON Services:
    • One year warranty
    • 24/7 online help with customized usage tips
    • All accessories included

When it comes to mini drones with cameras, the TOMZON A24W stands out from the competition with its range of advanced features and versatile applications. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to similar products in the category:

1. Camera Quality

The TOMZON A24W is equipped with a 1080P camera, allowing users to capture stunning aerial shots and record high-quality videos. This puts it on par with some of the top mini drones on the market. The image and video clarity ensures that every detail is captured, making it ideal for aerial photography and videography.

2. User-friendly Controls

The TOMZON A24W prides itself on its easy to use controls, making it accessible to both kids and adults. Its intuitive design allows for easy maneuverability and precise control, giving users a seamless flying experience. Some other mini drones may have complicated controls that can be difficult to master, but not the TOMZON A24W.

3. Safety Features

Safety is always a top priority, especially when it comes to drones. The TOMZON A24W comes with built-in safety features such as altitude hold, which allows for stable flight at a fixed height, and one key start/land, ensuring a smooth takeoff and landing. These features make it suitable for users of all skill levels, including beginners.

4. Educational Value

One area where the TOMZON A24W truly shines is in its educational value. With its STEM-focused design, this drone encourages kids to explore scientific concepts such as physics, aerodynamics, and technology. By experimenting with different flight modes and programming the drone, kids can develop problem-solving skills and enhance their understanding of these subjects.

5. Compact Size

The TOMZON A24W boasts a compact size, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry. This is a significant advantage over larger drones that may be bulkier and more difficult to transport. The compact size also allows the TOMZON A24W to access hard-to-reach areas, making it perfect for real estate inspections or environmental monitoring.

6. Battery Life

With three included batteries, the TOMZON A24W offers an impressive total flight time of 24 minutes. This gives users ample time to explore and capture footage without having to constantly recharge or swap batteries. Other mini drones may have shorter battery life, limiting their usage time.

In conclusion, the TOMZON A24W Mini Drone with Camera sets itself apart from similar products in the category with its exceptional camera quality, simple to operate controls, safety features, educational value, compact size, and extended battery life. Whether you’re looking for an aerial photography tool, a family-friendly drone, an educational device, or a versatile inspection tool, the TOMZON A24W has you covered.


  • Exceptional camera quality with a 1080P resolution for stunning aerial shots and high-quality videos
  • User-friendly controls that are easy to master, suitable for both kids and adults
  • Built-in safety features like altitude hold and one key start/land for stable flight and smooth takeoff/landing
  • STEM-focused design that encourages educational exploration of physics, aerodynamics, and technology
  • Compact size for easy portability and access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Impressive battery life with three included batteries, offering a total flight time of 24 minutes


  • No specific cons mentioned in the analysis

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