Brushless Motor Drone with 4K FPV Camera, RC Quadcopter with Carrying Case, 36-min Flight Time, Headless Mode, 90° Adjustable Lens, 360° Flip, 3 Speed Adjustment, 2 Batteries, Foldable Drone for Adults, Beginners, Christmas gifts – Blue

Brushless Motor Drone with 4K FPV Camera, RC Quadcopter with Carrying Case, 36-min Flight Time, Headless Mode, 90° Adjustable Lens, 360° Flip, 3 Speed Adjustment, 2 Batteries, Foldable Drone for Adults, Beginners, Christmas gifts – Blue

Experience the thrill of aerial photography and exploration with the Brushless Motor Drone by TizzyToy. This sleek and stylish drone in a vibrant blue color is the perfect Christmas gift for adults and beginners alike. Features an 4K FPV camera that boasts a 90° adjustable lens, you can capture stunning high-resolution images and videos from a whole new perspective.

The drone is packed with simple to operate features such as one-key takeoff/landing, optical flow positioning, and altitude hold, making it ideal for beginners and children. With a flight time of up to 36 minutes and two rechargeable batteries included, you can enjoy extended flying sessions without worrying about running out of power.

Brushless motors provide higher speed, efficiency, and stability, which will allow you to navigate through different speed gears and perform cool 360° flips with ease. The foldable design and carrying case make it easy to transport this drone wherever you go, while the controller, propeller guard, and spare fan blades ensure a worry-free flying experience.

Whether you are looking to capture breathtaking aerial shots or simply enjoy a fun flying adventure, the Brushless Motor Drone by TizzyToy is your trusted flying partner. Soar through the skies and unleash your creativity with this innovative and feature-packed RC quadcopter.

Key Technical Specifications

  • Brand: TizzyToy
  • Model Name: TizzyToy
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Color: Blue
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Product Dimensions: 1″L x 1″W x 1″H
  • UPC: 755752124664
  • Manufacturer: TizzyToy
  • Camera: 4K FPV camera with 90° adjustable lens
  • Flight Time: Up to 36 minutes with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Features: Headless Mode, 360° Flip, 3 Speed Adjustment
  • Functions: APP Control, Optical Flow Positioning, Air Pressure Stable Height, One Key Take off/Landing, Low Battery Warning, Over Distance Alarm
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Carrying Case: Included
  • Additional Accessories: Controller, Propeller Guard, Spare Fan Blades
  • Design: Foldable fuselage design

When it comes to capturing stunning aerial shots for outdoor adventures, real estate photography, event coverage, or educational purposes, the Brushless Motor Drone with 4K FPV Camera stands out among its competitors. With features like a 90° adjustable lens, 360° flip capability, and a foldable design for easy portability, this drone offers a versatile and simple to operate experience.

Compared to other drones in the market, the Brushless Motor Drone excels in providing a longer flight time of 36 minutes, allowing users to capture more footage without frequent battery changes. Additionally, the inclusion of two batteries in the package ensures extended usage without interruptions, making it perfect for professional use or prolonged outdoor activities.

Moreover, the Headless Mode feature of the drone simplifies navigation, especially for beginners or those new to drone piloting, enhancing the overall user experience. Combined with the 3-speed adjustment settings, users can customize the drone’s flight dynamics to suit different filming scenarios, whether it is capturing fast-paced action sequences or smooth aerial panoramas.

One of the standout advantages of the Brushless Motor Drone is its 4K FPV camera, which delivers high-quality footage with exceptional clarity and detail. This feature sets it apart from competitors and ensures that users can produce professional-grade content for various purposes, including real estate listings, event coverage, or educational projects.

While other drones may offer similar features, the Brushless Motor Drone’s combination of latest innovation, ease of use, and comprehensive accessory package, including a carrying case for convenient storage and transport, makes it a top choice for adults, beginners, and as a Christmas gift option. Its versatility in capturing diverse aerial perspectives and engaging functionalities like the 360° flip feature further enhance its charm for a wide range of users.

To wrap it up, the Brushless Motor Drone with 4K FPV Camera is a competitive product that excels in performance, functionality, and user experience, making it a valuable investment for those looking to elevate their aerial photography and videography capabilities.


  • Long 36-min flight time for extended aerial coverage
  • Two batteries included for uninterrupted usage
  • 90° adjustable lens for versatile filming angles
  • 4K FPV camera for high-quality footage
  • Headless mode for simplified navigation
  • 3-speed adjustment settings for customizable flight dynamics
  • 360° flip capability for dynamic aerial shots
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Comprehensive accessory package with carrying case
  • Suitable for adults, beginners, and as a Christmas gift


  • May be slightly more expensive compared to basic drone models
  • Advanced features may require some learning curve for new users
  • Extra batteries may need to be purchased for prolonged use
  • Not specifically designed for professional cinematography
  • Carrying case may not be as durable for rough outdoor conditions

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